What to Do When You Experience Chronic Pain at Work?

If you are a worker and you are suffering from pain always due to your workload, maybe it’s time to have your check-up. Chronic pain can prevent you from working if not treated immediately. Most employees in a company are covered by workers compensation insurance; if you’re from the United States and you want to get your claim because of your pain, you can hire a personal attorney in Jacksonville, Fl.

About Chronic Pain

Before you can claim your benefits, you should know what chronic pain is. If you are doing heavy workloads and you are suffering from body pains for about 12 weeks, the chances are high that it can be chronic pain. If you experience discomfort for a short time, do something to alleviate it so that it will not worsen your condition and prevent you from working. 

Headaches and back pains are usually symptoms of chronic pain. If you think that you are having those for a long time, consult with a physician.

Types of Chronic Pain

Listed below are the types of chronic pain that you can encounter at work.

  • Chronic Pain Syndrome – When you suffer from an injury, the backlash can be this type of pain that can last for more than one month. This can be characterized by numbness.
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – This type of pain happens when the nervous system is affected. The injury can transmit signals to the brain, making you feel that you’re in pain. Usually, this pain is caused by an injury from the upper and lower parts of the body.

Does Workers Comp Cover Chronic Pain?

Depending on the current terms of your insurance, chronic pain can be covered by workers comp if it is proven by the reports you submitted to get the claim.

Things to Do When Experiencing Chronic Pain at Work

You need to report it to your employer first. Then, you can consult a doctor. Your physician will give you medications or other ways to treat the pain. File a leave if you can, and make a report to the insurance company to claim your benefits.

According to data released by insurance companies in the U.S., chronic pain is one of the reasons why employees are claiming their worker’s comp benefits. While working, you need to take care of your welfare as well.

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