The Process Of Subscription Box Fulfillment

When it comes to eCommerce fulfillment, the main goal is bringing convenience to the consumers. In these modern times, people want to buy the things that they want with only their fingertips doing the walking. Subscription boxes take this ease and comfort to the next level.

With these subscription boxes, people expect to receive them at a specified time every month. For the success of your subscription eCommerce business, you must offer reliable and timely shipping. This is where subscription box fulfillment becomes an important factor.

What Is Subscription Fulfillment

If you choose to work with a third-party logistics provider for the subscription orders of your eCommerce fulfillment, it pays to know how the entire process works.

Receive Inventory. The fulfillment service provider would need your inventory prior to shipping your orders. Therefore, allow plenty of time for the fulfillment company to receive and stow your inventory. This helps prepare the items during the recurring dates of shipping.  

Share order information. Sharing of order details can be automatically done with the use of eCommerce platform integration. But, it is also possible to do this by using a spreadsheet upload, which is done manually.

Picking and packing of items. The next process is the creation of a picking list. There will be a group of pickers that will collect the orders and subscription products from various fulfillment centers. After the picking, the products will undergo the packaging process, preparing them for shipping.

Unboxing experience. Many brands often ask their fulfillment agencies to have a special unboxing for their customers. This is done before the sealing, labeling, and shipping or the items. 3PLs provide different levels of customization when it comes to these extras, for example, using a branded insert or using a crinkle paper for custom packing.

Shipping of subscription. After assembling the order, it is time for the shipment. A fulfillment company will typically buy a shipping label from a carrier on your behalf. Rest assured that your fulfillment provider will compare costs among different carriers and get the most affordable shipping.

Find out if outsourcing fulfillment to a third-party logistics can help you increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Take into consideration the needs of your customers and your business. Make sure that the fulfillment company you choose can minimize the processing time and the difficulties of subscription orders.

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