Is it a Bed Bug? Here’s How You Can Tell

 A lot of homeowners are wary about having bed bugs in their home. While these pests are not dangerous, they can be annoying and could cause severe allergic reactions. But before you call reliable pest control in Suffolk, check out this rundown of signs, so you’ll know whether you have bed bugs.

 Presence of Rust Colored Oval Insect

 Consider a rust-colored bug on your bed as a warning sign that you have bed bugs. These insects are oval-shaped, with adults as big as an apple seed. These bugs are miniscule when they hatch, so this could be a problem. The larva is as small as a ball pen tip and has pale and transparent skin. You won’t be able to tell your home is infested until the bed bugs have grown and fed. 

Check Distinguishing Features

 Bed bugs are similar in appearance to carpet beetles, which makes pinpointing them even more difficult. These bugs also have two antennae and six legs. But unlike other insects, they don’t have three body parts. They also lack dots or different colored patterns on their skin. Lastly, you can check if they’re bed bugs by the horizontal indentations on their abdomens. 

Blood Stains on Bed and Pillows 

Another clear indicator that you have a bed bug problem is the presence of bloodstains on your bed sheets, pillowcases, or mattress seams. The stains are the result of the bugs feeding on you. Check for any black streaks on your bed, the seams of the mattress, your home’s baseboards and wall outlets. The dark streaks are the bugs’ excrement, which they drop anywhere they go.

Fast Moving Creatures on Your Mattress 

Bed bugs are known for their speed and their tendency to congregate. You can check for the presence of these by lifting your mattress and checking the seams. If you see the black and red stains and lots of little insects crawling around quickly, it’s proof that you have a bed bug situation. 

Throwing away your mattress, bed sheets, or other infested furniture won’t solve this problem. They will just spread to another home, while other bugs might remain in your home. Your best option is to call a reliable pest control Suffolk and have them deal with the problem immediately.

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