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Learn How You Can Promote Your Keynote Speaker

If you are responsible for organizing and creating an event featuring a keynote speaker, then you need to carefully select that individual. However, you also need to promote your keynote speaker so that folks who might attend know who they are, what the topic will be, and why they should attend. The right promotional effort can pack the room you’re trying to fill.

First off, make sure that the keynote session has a rather catchy title. It should be short and spiffy. If possible, make it clever. Then follow it up with a subtitle that more specifically explains what benefit the session might provide those who attend. The phrasing needs to capture attention, but it should also answer an immediate question anyone will have, which is usually ‘so what?’ Answer it with phrases like ‘5 tips’, ‘master this’, and ‘how to’. Just be sure your speaker holds true to the event title and actually delivers what you’ve promised.

Use your organization’s website to introduce your speaker to those that might be in attendance. Photos and images of your speaker in previous engagements or action establishes credibility. You might even get audio and video excerpts from previous events from your speaker that you can use to promote your own program. Also make sure that your members get links from your own site to the speaker’s website. Let them learn about him or her and get intrigued on their own.

Following your event, put up content from your own session on your website. That can serve as reinforcement of the key points of your program as well as a way to educate members that didn’t get to attend. It also establishes a standard to expect and live up to in future events.

If you can, promote some of the materials of the speaker beforehand. Let them talk to some of your members using a bulletin board, forum, chat room, or social media. Professional speakers cherish such opportunities to familiarize themselves with member concerns, and any questions or comments provided help him or her customize their speech to the audience in question.

Email is an effective and cost-efficient way to get both your keynote speaker and even promoted. Use emails to remind members to actually register for the event. Give them links to any information you have as well as online registration forms. Blasting out an email questionnaire can whip up some buzz. The responses you get should be provided to the speaker in question who can reveal what was found out during their presentation. If possible, let the presenter add a ‘welcome’ message to attendees to add a nice personal touch.

If it’s your first time organizing an event, you might be surprised when your professional speaker indicates to you that any good program isn’t just one evening, but a continuing process. They might be willing to send follow-up emails to attendees adding valuable information that wasn’t covered in the session but could be of interest to the audience following what they learned at your event. Your association or establishment can keep gaining exposure if members benefit from any presentation after it’s over and concluded. Seek out member anecdotes from members about how the session motivated or touched them. How are they intending to use what they picked up? Learning what worked and what didn’t helps you promote the next speaker.