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Data Recovery Services

Data recovery, in such an interconnected world, is vital to the running and maintenance of our computers and other digital devices. With a world currently caught in a cyber-war, it can be challenging keeping up-to-date with the latest precautions against viruses and malicious software. Programs such as Norton Antivirus and McAfee can protect well against potentially harmful material, but sometimes, an attack is inevitable and sometimes, it can leave an impact on your devices.

Losing valuable data is the worst possible scenario, and resolving the problem can often be tedious and challenging. Software services are working harder than ever to provide data recovery solutions, and it’s much easier now to recover lost information. The software itself is usually free, and while the actual process is time-consuming, data recovery has advanced greatly over the years.

TestDisk and PhotoRec

TestDisk and PhotoRec are two good examples. While not exactly software as much as tools that can assist with data recovery, the pair work well together to heal your computer back to health. Both applications can be used from a USB in place of an installation process, which means that your computer can get right onto the task of data recovery. TestDisk focuses on recovering partitions lost from the disc drive, and PhotoRec is aimed at recovering photos and equivalent files that may have disappeared due to formatting issues or accidental deletion. These tools are also useful with recovery following a computer virus, though sometimes TestDisk will require an additional computer or further software in order to completely recover all lost
and corrupted files.


Piriform’s Recuva software can help recover files following a drive crash; super useful for those impulse moments where you forget to save certain photographs or certain documents. The process is faster as well – instead of searching the drive, Recuva searches the index for certain lost files – and can even do so if the index is damaged in the crash somehow. Recovering said files can be a little more challenging, as after the software locates the files it offers an estimated likelihood of success in data recovery. But its flexibility and fast-working capabilities make it a trustworthy and reliable data recovery system.

PC Inspector File Recovery

Despite a website that seems to lack modernisation, PC Inspector File Recovery is adaptable and trustworthy. Downloading and installing the software is completely free, and the website is always being
updated with additional perks and capabilities, ensuring the services are in keeping with technological advances. The software locates and recovers files with the original date and time stamp, as well as partitioned content, regardless of the extent of damage to the boot sector. Even if header entries are unavailable, the software will work to recover as best as possible. However, PC Inspector File Recovery is not compatible with damaged disc drives, for which the website recommends visiting computer specialists.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is quite a mouthful, but its flexibility and array of capabilities are worth it. There are several versions available for download – one free edition and then three more of a higher tier, providing greater options and more complex solutions. The software can recover files from accidental deletion to virus attacks, disc drive crashes to system re installations. The online service team are also ready at hand to assist with any difficulties. Additionally, the software provides options to transfer files to phones in order to keep them safe. Currently limited to iPhones, the offering is best suited to those who have important documentation that cannot be left on a singular device.

Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is free to download and install, and can provide a basic coverage of all devices in the incident of data loss. The company boasts the fastest scanning speed of any current data recovery software, owing to a special algorithm in their products. The range of devices Wise Data Recovery can assist with is impressive; from mobile phones to digital cameras, USB drives to external hard drives. A portable version is also available, bypassing the installation process to provide exact services from a
remote location. Similar to Recuva, however, Wise Data Recovery displays a likelihood of recovery success after scanning through the device for lost files. At present it is only compatible with Windows.

The range of data recovery services is vast – while this article only covers software available for download, there are many locations available where a team will take over your devices and work to recover all your files. This can be a relief, for those in the world not as tech-savvy as others, but it’s good to know that data recovery software is on its way – with more options being unveiled each year.